Saturday, May 31, 2014

Where Sadists Prosper

"This... was the straightforward solution to the greatest mystery of all: Why is the world so unfair? Why all that savage economic injustice, those brutal wars, the everyday corporate cruelty? The answer: psychopaths."
-Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test
"Psychopath? Me?"

   My friend Sian Pearl has been incredibly busy lately with a new and ambitious undertaking. In that post, she has detailed her aims in a far more eloquent manner than I can ever muster, so I implore you to read it. (Fun fact: that memo at the beginning of the post is something I said as a joke.) 
  Sian is attempting to put together a roleplay venue that, to my very novice eyes, seems entirely unique. As opposed to the regular RP sims, the BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ doesn't ask for you to create a character that fits in a defined world, commit to a particular genre, or attach a certain HUD. It is a space for your pre-existing characters to meet in a futuristic corporate space, and attempt to solve their conflicts (in a manner that openly invites these peace talks to fail). Again, Sian is far better at explaining this than I am.
Norah Sells Out
   To illustrate that I am making this post as a genuine expression of my own thoughts, and not a hollow shilling out of a friend's work--as appropriate to the subject matter as it would be-- I'm going to talk about my experience at the centre. Sian's blog mentioned that the place is static, and has no story, but I think that I insisted on playing a character that suited the world she had just built.
   This was the first time I had played a character in SL that had any amount of power in her world, as well as my first ostensibly "evil" character. I have a suspicion that these two facts enabled one another.
   We all know numerous adages about the corruptive nature of power, many of us know of the Stanford Prison Experiments, and I know that at least I try to believe that I am a more empathetic person than those that perpetrate abuses from positions of power. However, when I had that power, I pulled out one of Sian's eyelashes. Who's to say that I'm that far from a psychopathic CEO once I put on that mask?
 So, come on down to the BaC® Conflict Management Centre™! We have a mindwashed post-human, a business-casual sadist, and a spa!

Barthes Cybernetics Approved Apparel
Skin: -Glam Affair- Brandi - Frost 05
Hair: TRUTH Junia
Eyes: <<< negaposi >>> Elfin Eyes - Darkmatter, and [pIRA] Bineyes - Aqua 
Eyebrows: [Buzzeri] Katie Brows (tinted)
Eyeliner: [Buzzeri] Royale Liner
Eyebags: NOX. Eyebags
Sweater: ISON Work It Blazer - Black
Skirt: *BOOM*  Horizon Mini - Pitch (Past C88 item, no longer available)
Shoes: Ingenue Pickford Heels - Ebony (tinted)

Poses: flowey. lookbook eight (mirror) and walkin' four