Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Mixtape: Track One - Inari

Welcome to the Next Door to Clever Summer Mixtape! Outside of the computer, I've decided to make a serious effort to eradicate old patterns that are stale or destructive. As such, I want to try my best to publish a variety of looks on this blog. So I've put this challenge to myself: sixteen unique posts, before the summer is over, with a distinct and separate aesthetic to each. 
Track One's inspiration is the Japanese kami of foxes, fertility, rice, sake, and worldly success: Inari Okami, as well as Utilizator's beautiful new mesh avatar: Kemono. The slim build of the body resembles how I draw women's bodies, and is nothing short of breathtaking. The tail is animated, and the body is controlled through an easy-to-use HUD. I really suggest giving the wikipedia page I linked above, Inari is a fascinating deity. The fact that there exists no real consensus on Inari being female, male, agender, or even being a single deity. I chose the female interpretation, mostly because I am too lazy to make a male avatar, but also the sheer beauty of this piece, as well as a long-standing love of the Japanese fox-wife tales (in which a fox will take on the form of a woman, marry a man, and occasionally be forced by their species gap or supernatural reasons, be forced to part from him. They're very sad and dramatic, and I ate them up as a girl. Neil Gaiman did a standalone Sandman comic about one of these stories, and I love it to death.) Inari's messengers are white foxes, so I chose to make Inari herself white and vulpine. 
I have never had a furry avatar, and, make no mistake, the Kemono is intended as such. It offers human feet, but the fluffy fox tail, perky ears, and feline facial features of the (included, but not worn) mesh head leave no doubt as to the intent of the creator. I've honestly had a difficult time reconciling this with myself. I don't know how comfortable I feel being considered a member of the furry community by people who don't know me. I understand just how incredibly shallow this is, and have no idea how to reconcile this. I've found a human skin mod for the avatar, but I also bought a fox one. I am a complicated lady, with a number of identity issues, eventually leading to an utter lack of conclusion.

Looking forward to showing you guys the next fifteen tracks! (and also looking forward to thinking of them)

Inari is Depicted Wearing:
Skin: -Glam Affair- Brandi - Frost 02
Hair: TRUTH Dove
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Spirited Eyes - Malt (group gift)
Eyeliner: [Buzzeri] Royale Liner
Lips: [Buzzeri] Lip Balm - Obsidian
Cheek Lines: +Nuuna+ Triip (tinted)
Spots: =BFI// Alien Skin Tattoos : Spots (tinted)
Body, Tail, Ears, Boots: <UTILIZATOR> Kemono 
Kimono: -pixicat- Oriental Kimono - Koi (June Arcade)
Foxes: {aii} Familiar Spirit Inari Siblings (Ultra Rare Gacha Prize)
Sake Bottle: TC. Antique Japanese Sake Bottle

Pose: dfo! [brave] - war was easier than daughters

Taken at Nouveau