Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Mixtape: Track Two - Lacquered Blade of the Saffron Traders

The Kind of Girl who Kills People for a Living
   I willingly admit that I've gotten into something of a cutesy rut in SL. I mean, just looking at what I had planned as my second track for the mixtape revealed a certain homogeneity. So, gentle reader, indulge me in something a bit more acerbic. 
   I am not a very tough person, nor do I have any heart for most manners of aggression. I try my best to have a biting wit, but I think that I value being "nice" far too highly. We all live vicariously through our avatars, so I think I don't have much of an excuse for being so sweet all the time.
   The idea of "dangerous woman" isn't too hard to communicate, I find. It can be all in a sidelong glance, or a certain flick of an eyebrow. However, it is all too easy to have dangerous woman become femme fatale, which I, more than anything, wanted to avoid. The femme fatale trope is a dangerous one, one that I tried to cling to, as a way of escaping the cult of the 'good girl', but which is ultimately another way of minimizing women. 
   So, did I manage to seem badass enough?
Valar Morghulis
I have clothed myself in:
Skin: -Glam Affair- Amberly - Petal Clean
Hair: TRUTH Yelena
Eyes: IKON Ascension - Evening
Eyeliner 1: -Glam Affair- Romy - Dark 06
Eyeliner 2: NOX. Lash Liner Black
Lips: NOX. Drama Lips - Overcast
Shirt: Apsara Chandramuhki Choli - Blue
Drape: Apsara Chandramuhki Dupatta - Cream
Pants: GizzA Mandy Pants - Waves
Shoulder Armour: The Forge Elise Pauldron - Silver/Gold (gacha)
Hand Ornaments: .aisling. Lady of Highgarden hands - Gold (gacha)

Poses: *BOOM*/Miseria Dueling Poses

Taken at Tableau